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The Forgotten Children

How many orphans do you know?

If you are like most of us, you don't know any...and yet they are everywhere.

Whether their parents died or couldn't care for them, orphans by the thousands are found in every nation of world.

Most orphans will never be adopted. They live in facilities that are often difficult to find. Too often, our societies barely acknowledge their existence. The children live invisible lives...lonely live with no family to call their own.



Under-funded Orphanages

Orphanages around the world struggle to survive,often with only chairtable donations to sustain them,when govermments fail to support the children, and when charitable donations don't arrive, the children simply go hungry.

In the West we don't notice their desperate situation, thinking that the someone is caring for them,

A Unique Solution

For the Children, Inc.was founded in 1998.We combine fine arts with compassionate giving to provide are for poor children.through exhibitions of art and in formation, good people are inspired to reach out to these "poorest of children."